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Society of People Who Are Afraid of Maid Marian
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(and/or who want to marry her)

"sounds doubly interesting"
This fan community is similar to semi-satirical character support communities such as treatguardsrite and lordgisborne, which were inspired by the actually very well-meaning treatmuchright, treatallanright, and others. This is a fan community in support of the One and Only Lady Marian Fitzwalter of Knighton, aka The Nightwatchman, from the BBC's 2006 Robin Hood but other Robin Hood legends as well. This is She who drove both Robin and Guy of Gisborne into utter carrot chomping insanity, who single-handedly saved the day multiple times over, who back flips her way to safety and puts the rest of the show to continual redundant shame.

If you have ever felt the urge to shriek and run to a corner when Marian enters the room, along with a conflicting urge to buy her a diamond necklace and pledge love eternal, this is the place for you!

General Rules
1 These are rules, not suggestions. Repeated failure to adhere to rules will result in your posts being deleted.
2 No soliciting or spamming. You may advertise other communities and websites provided that they are Robin Hood related.
3 The LJ-cut. Learn it. Love it.
4 If it's over 500 pixels wide, and 300 pixels tall, put it under an LJ-cut.
5 Please do not use more than 3 icons for preview. Place the rest of the icons under an LJ-cut or on a separate entry, and provide the hyperlink.
6 Please tag every post. See guidelines here.
7 No character or ship bashing. That's for the heroes at capslock_hood, not here.
8 For NSFW content, or blinking icons, use warnings and lj-cuts.
9 If you have questions, ASK THE MOD (cleo_eurydike/snowystingray). Do not be harassing other members or soliciting the entire community for help. This is not LIVEJOURNAL 101, this is a fan community.
10 Use headers and warnings when posting fanfiction. See official guidelines here. If you're ever stuck, refer to lalumena's guide onHow to Post Fics on Livejournal. It's a wonderful resource.
11 Warn for use of glittertext and place it behind a cut. Some of our members have sensitive vision.


The New Robin Hood: a yuku-board fan community

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